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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) became a passion of mine in early 2002. A co-worker had just purchased a new house with an automatic heating and cooling system to which he did not have a manual. I searched online for a couple of days and finally found a copy of the manual in a PDF. Now, that same search would probably take me minutes. I was fascinated that I could find the exact information I needed. True love and my insatiable quest for knowledge was born.

Self-Taught SEO

When I first realized I need to grow my skills as a web designer by learning all today's best web practices, it seemed a very daunting task. I was an SEO newbie who didn't know where to start. I began reading articles that pointing me in the right direction and researched anything I didn't understand.

Now, everything I've learned has become ingrained habits that allow me to design and build web sites that follow the recommended best practices and show up pretty darn well in targeted search results.

The number 1 biggest thing I express to all my clients is 'Content is King'. The search engines need something to search and I always recommend a minimum of 300 words per page of content that describes your products or services and speaks to your target audience.

SEO Examples

Please call to request examples of websites that have had a focused SEO effort. If you are checking on my portfolio site, give it a little time. The website was launched a little over a week ago.

I provide consulting services for web designers or web developers, content writers, and anyone interested in learning.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

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Noelle Kehrley New Jersey SEO Specialist

Noelle Kehrley is a New Jersey based Creative Director, Web Designer & SEO Specialist. Service offerings include web design & website development, graphic design, brand identity, and online marketing services for start up companies and Fortune 500 businesses.

Since graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1998, Noelle Kehrley has enjoyed the privilege of working with talented individuals and creative teams to produce over 300 successful projects for individual clients, Agencies, Design Firms, Small Businesses and Mid-Large Corporations.




Client Testimonial

"Noelle has produced a top-notch web site that has already brought us more business before it even went public because of her skill with SEO programming (Search Engine Optimization). She also was instrumental in helping us organize and fill in the information we needed to make our site more comprehensive and to stand out from other restaurant sites. She handled the graphic design of the site giving us a slick and inviting look that is easy to navigate. Beyond that, she is professional in her work and communication, and is just plain fun to work with. I highly recommend her services!"

      - Julia Singh, Cinnamon Indian Restaurant

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